How does it work?
Guide how to send an invoice and get paid without having your own company.
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Gigapay is the easiest and fastest way to get paid for your projects and tasks. You don't even need your own company. This is how it works:

  1. You search for your customer's name and get all the details pre-filled.

  2. You enter the amount to be invoiced and a description of the work.

  3. The invoice is sent to your customer for approval.

  4. If something is wrong you can easily send messages to each other and make changes.

  5. Once the customer accepts the invoice they will be asked to pay the invoice directly. If they prefer, they can instead download the invoice and pay it on the due date you specified.

  6. As soon as the customer pays the invoice, you will be notified and can claim the money.

  7. The net salary can be paid out instantly with Swish or a payout option you prefer.

Watch a tutorial here:

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