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Receiving a payout
Why haven’t I received my payout yet?
Why haven’t I received my payout yet?
Where is my money? I am still waiting for my payout.
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The payout gets available for you to claim as soon as your client pays their invoice from us. If you can't see any payout in Gigapay, most likely the platform has not sent the payment to us yet.

If you have received a payout SMS and claimed your money in the payslip, there could be several reasons why you haven’t received your money yet. First, make sure that you have entered your bank account details in your Gigapay account and that you have clicked “Accept” on the payslip. If you have done this and still not received your money, please look at the potential reasons listed below:

- Your client hasn’t paid the invoice
- Your bank doesn’t support instant payouts*
- Banking services experiencing a downtime
- You may have entered another bank account number (login to your Gigapay and double-check your bank account number under “Settings”)

If you haven’t received your money within 24 hours after having accepted a payout in your Gigapay account, you can contact us by using the support chat at the bottom right corner of your screen or by sending an email to

*In Sweden we currently support instant payouts to bank accounts in Nordea, Swedbank, SEB, Handelsbanken, and Danske Bank.

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