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A whistleblower is a person who reports (within the organization concerned or to an outside authority) or discloses (to the public) information on a wrongdoing that happened in a work-related context, helps to prevent damage and to detect threats or harm to the public interest that may otherwise remain hidden. It may for example include violation of human rights, criminal acts, or generally unethical behaviour.

Protection of the whistleblower

A whistleblower cannot be held liable for breach of confidentiality provided that the whistleblower has reasonable grounds to believe that the reported information is true.

The employer is prohibited from obstructing or attempting to obstruct reporting, or retaliating on the basis of reporting, against the whistleblower or anyone supporting the whistleblower, associated with the whistleblower, or a legal entity that the whistleblower owns, works for, or is otherwise associated with the whistleblower.

In the case you have concerns about potential wrongdoings in your workplace, you may discuss it with your manager, HR, or safety representative as a first resort.

How can you whistleblow at Gigapay?

We take whistleblowing seriously at Gigapay. You can report during or outside Gigapay office hours.

You may send an email to or a postal letter to the following address to report a wrongdoing:

Gigapay Sweden AB
c/o Whistleblowing (confidential)
Box 3181
103 63 Stockholm

Anonymous report
If you would like to remain anonymous, please use an anonymous email address or avoid sharing your name in your report.

If you have chosen to report anonymously, your identity will be kept secret during the follow-up of the case unless we are legally obliged to disclose and/or request your identity. You will be informed if we need to disclose your identity.

Who will read the report?

Gigapay’s Finance & Operations Coordinator and Junior Legal Counsel are the recipients of the report. They will read the report and take appropriate measures.

The Finance & Operations Coordinator and Junior Legal Counsel may inform the CEO, the management team of Gigapay, and the Board of Gigapay Group AB (corporate identity number: 559240-6747) of reported events, in accordance with the laws and rules on confidentiality and personal data protection.

Response time

Gigapay will contact you within seven (7) workdays to confirm the receipt of the report.

In the case, that you made an anonymous report and your identity needs to be disclosed, Gigapay will contact you within seven (7) workdays in order to inform you that your identity will need to be disclosed.

Whistleblowing to an external authority

You may whistleblow to a Swedish external authority if you would like. In some instances, it may also be possible to whistleblow to a competent European Union authority.

Please refer to the applicable authorities to verify if your case qualifies for whistleblowing.

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