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Should I report my revenue to my tax authorities?
Should I report my revenue to my tax authorities?
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You as a receiver of a payment with a residence in any other country outside of Sweden, are responsible for reporting your revenue to the applicable tax authority in your country of residence. Make sure to look into what is required in your country specifically.

However, Gigapay is also required to report all payments to private individuals to the Swedish tax authority (Skatteverket). If you as a receiver work in a country other than Sweden, a so-called exchange of income statement is carried out. This means that the Swedish Tax Authority shares the information with the receiver’s tax authority. The information Gigapay will be requesting from you as a receiver is i.a:

  • Name

  • Address

  • TIN number

  • Personal number (if relevant)

  • Country of work

  • Nationality(ies)

  • VAT number (if relevant)

  • Date of birth

  • Copy of an ID

  • Bank account number

  • A1 form (if relevant).

The requested information from you may vary slightly depending on your country of residence. If relevant, Gigapay will also be asking about your ties to Sweden. The requested information is collected from you when you onboard and when you collect your payments.

You as a recipient in any other country than Sweden will be considered an independent self-employed person, who is responsible for paying your own taxes, subscribing to your own insurance(s), and ensuring that you acknowledge and comply with applicable laws and regulations. The tax duties in your country of residence for you as a recipient include:

  • Paying any direct or indirect taxes

  • Paying any Value added taxes (VAT)

  • Social fees and contribution

  • Personal income tax, which may vary depending on residency, location, or otherwise, under provisions of your jurisdiction

  • Municipal Fees

  • Other taxes that are not identified above.

You as a self-employee and a receiver of a payment with a Swedish residence are not obligated to report your revenue to the Swedish tax authority (Skatteverket), as Gigapay handles that, along with your taxes, insurance, and your social fees for you.

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