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How to create an account
How to create an account
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You are able to create an account with Gigapay from the age of 16 if you are a Swedish recipient, and at the age of 18 for recipients anywhere else in the world. Once you get invited to Gigapay, you can log in by clicking the button in the email you received, or going to This will bring you to the page to create your account.

Select your country of residence and get started.

Step 1: Profile information

If you are an individual, we need your personal information, first name and last name, date of birth, and your TIN (tax identification number).

If you are a company or an agency, we need to know the personal details of a signatory or another person with authorisation to send invoices and collect payments in your company. This is due to us having to be compliant with anti-money laundering laws.

Step 2: Contact information

Confirm the email address you will use to receive notifications about available payments and add a phone number to receive SMS notifications.

Step 3: Address

Provide us with your residence address or your company address.

Step 4: Working status

This step is important as it helps us understand under which condition we can send payments to you. You will be presented with 3 options:

Individual: For those who do not have a company, you can receive payments directly under your name and personal status.

Sole trader: For those who have created a uni personal company or company attached to you as an individual, also called sole proprietorship. Having a sole trader will allow you to invoice us and receive proper purchase orders from us.

Company: For you who have a limited organization, this option allows you to use your company status to invoice us and if applicable, your VAT number.

Depending on your status, you will be presented with different payment options and fees in Gigapay. Individuals have a higher fee as they do not have to have a company to get paid through. A company can choose to invoice us for free, but if they choose to use automated invoicing (self-billing) a fee will be deducted.

We need all this information in order to be compliant, hence it is important that the information is correct.

If you choose to add company details

In the next step, you will be prompted to provide your company information.
These cover your business name, address, company VAT (if applicable), company TIN, and additional information.

For Swedish residents

You can create your account using your BankID, which retrieves all the necessary information about you. Note that BankID is a personal identification document that may only be used by no one else but you. If you do not have a bank ID, you will be prompted to provide your state ID documentation, as well as a relevant work permit card if applicable.

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