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Creating an agency account
Creating an agency account
Updated over a week ago

Gigapay simplifies payments and invoicing between platforms and creators. With self-billing and instant payouts we provide a smooth experience also for those without an agent or manager.

However, those types of payments require an onboarding process that is somewhat different from the standard vendor registration you might be familiar with. Depending on your relation to the platform and the creator, the onboarding process will differ.

If you are a manager, accountant or agent helping a single influencer, the creator needs to complete the onboarding as an individual in Gigapay, to comply with the new EU directive DAC7. It is possible for you to this on their behalf, if you know their address and TIN-number and can sign-up with the same email address that is used in the platform or brand you are expecting the payout from. Once the onboarding is completed you can choose to add their own legal entity or your agency's company details, depending on who should invoice and receive the payout.

If you are representing a larger agency with many different influencers and email addresses, we can create an agency account for you. To do that, please reach out in our Live Chat during European office hours, or fill out this form and we will get back to you shortly:

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