Gigapay for agencies
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We work great with creators and understand that it can be time-consuming for managers and agencies like yours to handle multiple payments for various receivers. That's why Gigapay is here to help you.

In order to get started you have to create a Gigapay account to receive your payments.
We can help you with this if you contact our support at, and you will need to provide:

  • Name of your company

  • Name of a financially responsible person or manager in the company

  • Address

  • Company VAT

  • Company Tax Identification Number

We recommend that you inform your client that you will be receiving notifications about available payments to a single email address for your agency.

When expecting several payments with different email addresses

If you are expecting to receive payments with several different email addresses, we recommend that your agency instead select a single main email address, as our system is able to handle only one at the moment.

You will have to contact us about all the email addresses to which you will receive notifications about available payments. We will then be able to connect the emails that contain an invitation for the payments to your account.

Note that if the email address you provide does not contain an invitation, we will not be able to connect it for you. You will have to wait for a confirmation that an invitation has been sent to that email address before contacting us.

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